So, are you ready for Strip-A-Maid?

We know that as much as a lot of folks would like to have a topless maid, there are reasons why they can't use our cleaning services. Some of them don't have a place of their own that needs cleaned. Some of you guys would have trouble explaining a freshly cleaned house to your significant other - she sure isn't going to believe that you did it. That doesn't mean that these guys wouldn't enjoy the entertainment and the fantasy of having your own topless or nude maid.

We're sure there are other occasions where it would be nice to have a naked maid, even if she isn't cleaning up after you. What better present for the guy who has everything? What nicer way to show your boss or favorite co-worker that you love him? Birthdays? Promotions? Divorces? We can think of lots of special times when having it would be nice to have a little nudititty from one of our delightful maids.

For you we've come up with Strip-A-Maid.

For just $100 one of our lovely ladies will come to your home or office and not clean for up to 45 minutes. They will arrive dressed as a French Maid, bringing with them a feather duster and a small sound system. As the music plays, they will go through all the motions, but they won't clean a thing. Complaining about how hot they are, they will start to undress - one piece at a time - untill you have a almost naked maid dancing for you, with nothing but high heels and the feather duster.

Of course, we're just an entertainment business, and our no touching rule is important to us. That doesn't mean you can't thoroughly enjoy the show and even take matters in hand if you are so inclined. We want you to enjoy the show, as much as you want, as long as you respect the maids space and the no touching rule. Now, if you make a mess in the process, guess who's cleaning it up? You are!

Are you ready for Strip-A-Maid?

To schedule a maid, call Belle at (225) 505-4062 (Phone hours 9am to 9pm.)

At least 24 hours notice is greatly appreciated and will allow us a better chance to book the maid of your choice at a convenient time for you.


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